This is truly inspiring and motivating. Elizabeth Gilbert, author of 'Eat Pray Love', has written a book that urges you to move past your fears, listen to your muse and get on with creating. It is honest, humble, funny and uplifting.

'Big Magic' is a manifesto, an order for all human beings to create: art, writing, sewing, dance... whatever it may be. Convincing in her argument, Elizabeth Gilbert asserts that ideas are living things; they grow, they migrate, they transfer. Unless we nurture an idea and feed it with our creativity then that idea will go to someone else. She offers startling examples which turn our perceptions of the creative process on its head. Remove the ego and listen to your creativity. Give it space and time. Form good habits, and rewards will come. But more than that, Gilbert convinces us to enjoy the process of creating, rather than seeking the end point or a final success. Success is in the process.

I bought this out of curiosity and half expected it to be a little shallow. I don't know why. To the contrary, 'Big Magic' is deep and brilliant. It is practical while appealing to universal forces, and magic. It has already changed my mindset towards creativity, and because of that I feel 'Big Magic' will change my life in a BIG way.

Thank you Elizabeth Gilbert!

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