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The Spectres of Spitfire Row 

By Chris Soul

WORK IN PROGRESS: Middle Grade/ Spooky/ Fantasy

'The Dark is Rising' meets 'Stranger Things'.


It is 1988 and the world is at nuclear war. On the military air base of Trevisker, anxious ten year old Scott Whittaker overhears a secret: a mysterious and ancient artefact has been unearthed behind the school on Spitfire Row. A strange series of events are set in motion, pitching the forces of light against the powers of darkness. But can Scott overcome the wild shadow of himself to finally face his fears?

I lived on RAF bases as child in the 1980s, in both Cornwall and Scotland. 'The Spectres of Spitfire Row' is inspired by being in gangs on those air bases and exploring the wild fringes of the countryside. There is something exciting to me about writing a story set in a male dominated military community in the middle of the countryside; that conflict between the power of nature and the power of war really intrigues me. In researching, I also discovered that Trevisker Primary School was built on the remains of one of the oldest prehistoric settlements in the UK. Children really need more positive messages around mental health and I hope this story encourages children to think about inner and outer conflicts in a new way.