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Children's Publishing

From Messy Drafts to Published Books

For World Book Day 2021 I have collated a slideshow that demonstrates to children that writing a book takes time, perseverance and dedication. That nothing is ever perfect straight away but through editing, re-drafting (sometimes over years and years) can result in polished gems. Thank you to the authors and illustrators who contributed. 

Featuring... SF Said, Jasbinder Bilan, Elle McNicholls, Chris Vick, Tamsin Winter, Joseph Elliott,  Jenni Spangler, Lucy Strange, Fleur Hitchcock, Joan Haig, Tom Huddleston, Louie Stowell, Chrissie Sains, Penny Chrimes, Anna Hoghton, Anneliese Avery, Alex Cotter, Dan Smith, Sinead O'Hart, Joanne O'Connell, Clare Weze and many more!

Feel free to download the ppt. to amend or the .pdf and use in your classes or for your own personal use.

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