Fearne Cotton is a warm and engaging presence throughout 'Happy'. She is honest about her own mental health difficulties while offering hope and valuable solutions to gain balance in our hectic lives. It probably should have been called 'Balance' but 'Happy' is more appealing.

I read this after beginning to come through a bad mental health patch. I was struggling to leave the house and was under a cloud of depression. 'Happy' was there like a wonderful friend to guide me through how I was feeling and what I could do to get better. I even purchased the accompanying journal and I'm still writing in it. Fearne Cotton makes me feel that it is okay to suffer, that many of us are, and that we can get to a better place if we make small changes everyday. It is her personality which shines through and is a huge comfort. Interviews with friends, families and experts ground the personal in context.

I really hope Fearne Cotton can continue to write and be open about mental health, as more people should. Thank you!

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