Everyone should read 'Lost Connections'. Not only does it expertly untangle and make sense of the mental health epidemic that is rocking the western world, but it also suggests, with examples, ways in which we all can live more healthily and meaningfully.

Johann Hari is brave to dismantle western society's perceptions of anti-depressants, driven by the pharmaceutical industry. He writes from personal experience, but through timely and well-considered research, Hari is able to contextualize epidemics of stress, depression and anxiety and reframe them in terms of how we live our lives rather than mere chemistry. His arguments are compelling and refreshing. His call for GPs to prescribe 'connection' (with nature, people, purpose...) rather than simply offering drugs is spot-on. If the western world wants to heal then we need to reexamine the ways in which we live and the ways in which we relate. Reading this extraordinary book will open your mind up to make a change.

A timely, important and eye-opening book about mental health. This type of book should be informing governments. 

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