'I, Cosmo' is book of the month in Waterstones and deservedly so. A story with huge heart, humour and joy, Carlie Sorosiak has written a book to put a smile on your face. Woof!

Max's parents keep fighting and the atmosphere is becoming so tense, even the dog can smell it. Cosmo is a Golden Retriever and loves his family so much. He will do anything to keep things from falling apart and to stay close to Max - even dancing!

I have never owned a dog, although my wife's family have. Usually I would say I'm a cat person (sacrilege I know). But 'I, Cosmo' makes me appreciate the inner lives of dogs in a whole new way. Most of this is down to the wonderful, compelling and hilarious voice of our narrator: Cosmo himself. His musings and observations are often very funny and also very true. This will delight many children and classes. To view family life from his perspective is refreshing and revealing. There are great lessons to learn from Cosmo on how to be human, ironically: being loyal, going with the flow, having an open heart, living in the moment. If humans were more like dogs we'd probably live in a far more peaceful world. I love what Cosmo says: 'Sometimes the unknown is thrust open us, and we have no choice but to dive in paws-first, believing that we will float in the end.' What a beautifully wise message for children to hear. I say dive into this lovely book!

Thank you to Nosy Crow for my copy to review. 


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