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'The Golden Butterfly' is a really charming, enchanting and engaging wonder of a children's book. In all respects, it is a story that unfurls thrillingly and beautifully; just like a butterfly's wings. This is one of my favourites of 2019, which is saying something as there are just so many crackers out there at the moment.

The Magnificent Marko, arguably the best magician in Victorian Britain, has died, leaving behind the secrets of his greatest trick: the Golden Butterfly. Setting out for London, Luciana, along with her friend Charley, hunt for magical clues that will uncover her grandfather's secrets. Not only will secrets be revealed about the Golden Butterfly, but also secrets about the past, including Luciana's parents. 

First of all, Sharon Gosling writes so well and so compellingly. Her prose breathes and the pages just fly. Like an accomplished magician, Gosling is able to construct a crafty plot, let it click open with ease, and soar with the lightest of touches. 'The Golden Butterfly' is crafted just so well, poetically, and both in story and structure. The plot is well devised and, like the best of thrillers, you can't help but follow the clues with Luciana and Charley. The journey itself is hugely enjoyable, and Gosling has that deft touch to describe just enough to allow your own imagination to do most of the work. It seems very well edited. Victorian Britain is evoked brilliantly too with crisp, sparse prose. And the end chapters brought everything to such a dramatic and satisfying conclusion. 

I was really impressed with 'The Golden Butterfly'. This needs a lot more attention. Please, read this and sing its praises. It is worthy of soaring to heights and sparkling with the very best out there! 



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