The magnificent end to the 'Flood World' trilogy, 'Storm Tide' is another high-octane, cinematic thrill ride by Tom Huddleston. From the US to Canada, to London and the deep ocean of the Atlantic, 'Storm Tide' never lets up. My review of 'Flood World' is here and of 'Dust Road' here.

A world-ending storm is coming, and only Kara and Joe can hold back the tide. In the ocean depths lies a deadly secret: an ancient machine with the power to wipe out all life on earth. Sailing at the head of a mighty armada, the Mariner terrorist Cortez will stop at nothing to get his hands on it. Racing to the rescue are a ragtag band of heroes in a fleet of battered ships. But as the waters rise, storms rage and tidal waves sweep the planet, will Kara, Joe and their intrepid allies get there in time to stop the apocalypse?

I have really enjoyed this trilogy and the finale did not disappoint. What I love most are the characters of Kara and Joe. They are really the heart of this trilogy - two children growing in courage and smarts in an impossibly dangerous future world. Huddleston brings them to life through his sharp, playful dialogue, which is always hinged with tension but with humour too. Then the world itself: Huddleston truly has a director's eye for epic, cinematic peril. His future Earth is a literal deluge of chaos, danger and environmental catastrophe. With the recent supposed failure of COP26 the conversation about the future can easily veer into anxiety and uncertainty. While Huddeston's future is bleak it is also full of hope - that no matter what there will always be nice people, striving for a better world against the odds. And that is a message worth holding onto.

I really recommend this trilogy if you love action, adventure, huge peril and you care about our wonderful blue planet.