'The Wizard in the Wood' is the third book in Louie Stowell's brilliant monsters and magic series, which started with 'The Dragon in the Library.' Each one has been such a fun read, but this third one is probably the best yet! If this is the last in the trilogy, then it ends wonderfully. But, please, I'd love more.

Kit and her friends, Josh and Alita, have been saving the world. They've stopped a dragon waking up in their local library, which could have destroyed the world - dragons must be kept asleep by reading them stories. They've also returned a monster to a lake in Scotland but in the process freed mermaids that were being controlled by evil ghost rats from the dawn of time! Kit's magical powers have been growing as a result. But now, there's a new library in their school with a new dragon and a strange new librarian. Surely nothing can go wrong this time for Kit, Josh and Alita? Surely they can't be expected to save the world again?

It was such a delight to return back to Kit, Josh and Alita's world. I think they are one of the most memorable trio of characters, and as I have written in previous reviews, Stowell brings them to life through sparky dialogue and high stakes action, accompanied by Davide Ortu's joyous illustrations (which are the best yet). Like the previous two installments, the story is a huge amount of fun. Expect the unexpected.  Laugh out loud - this is the funniest in the series too! There are twists and turns. Magic and mayhem. And an ending that feels just right for Kit, Josh and Alita. I particularly enjoyed this third book because there are lots of wizards - good and bad. Kit's magic has developed more and the story catapults on, linking everything up that was such fun in the series - the dragons, the rat-ghosts, the wizards, the libraries. This is Louie Stowell letting her hair down and having a magical blast!

As I have said before, this is a perfect series for 7-11 year olds to enjoy, especially for reluctant readers. Pacy, funny, with magic and monsters and quirky illustrations, what's not to enjoy here! 

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