'Morgana Mage in the Robotic Age' - what a catchy title! And what a fun-filled book, full of magic, inventions and characters to love. 

Morgana Mage is different. She's a witch but loves robots. And this is something her community and her family, living outside the vibrant city, cannot understand. Science and magic do not mix. But Morgana wants to forge her own path. Enrolling in a school of robotics, she uncovers a dangerous secret that threatens both the magical and technological worlds. How can she use both brains and spells to save the day?

This is a fabulous concept for a book: mixing robotics and magic. Both, of course, children love, and Amy Bond strikes a super balance between these worlds that crackle with imaginative possibilities, tension and philosophical ideas. There are points for great discussion. Would you choose to live in a busy, technologically rich city with flying cars, teleportation devices and robots? Or would you live in the quieter forests outside, learning to master your magic? What makes someone human? Can a robot be truly alive, as much as anything in nature? What Amy Bond does so well is bring a sense of love and animation to all of it. There's a fabulously cute robotic cat called Kitty, charming familiars and warm-hearted characters in both places. The city is most vivid, though - both exciting and daunting in equal measure. 

'Morgana Mage in the Robotic Age' is fun and electric, sparking with a mix of marvellous magic and super science. Children will love this!