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Autumn Moonbeam has sparkled her way here! And her first adventure, 'Dance Magic' is a fabulous, enchanting story full of magic, heart and, of course, twists and twirls. 

Autumn Moonbeam loves gymnastics and dance so when Sparkledale Dance Academy have try-outs for their competitive dance team, she think it's the most broom-tastic opportunity ever! Just one problem, Autumn is nervous and worries she won't make it onto the team... 

This is an excellent short-form story for younger readers with lively and charming illustrations throughout by Heidi Cannon. Emma Finlayson-Palmer has created a wonderful character in Autumn Moonbeam; classic-feeling, full of spark and vulnerable to her worries. I loved all the cast of the characters too: her friends Batty and Leif, Ghostly Gran, Storm the cat, Trevor the dragon and even the scheming Severina. 


This is a lovely tale to inspire boys and girls to pursue their dreams with determination against the odds. This promises to be a fantastic series to collect. Wouldn't it make a fab children's animation on the spell-a-vision too? 

Check out the extra content coming over the coming month!