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Out in June, 'Quiet Storm' by debut author Kimberly Whittam is a fabulous book about finding your voice, owning your own power and finding friendships that really matter. It's heartwarming, powerful and totally engaging, offering an authentic reflection on the transition into secondary school life. Kimberly Whittam brilliantly captures that experience through Storm's absorbing first-person narration and dialogue that rings true. This is an excellent debut for children from 10 years-old onwards. And just look at the fantastic cover too!

Storm has never liked to stand out from the crowd, but ever since she started Year 7, her life has been full of people telling her she needs to speak up, make friends and be more like her popular big brother. Then Storm breaks a school record, and finds herself the new star of the athletics team. But as she's thrust into the spotlight, her home life and friendships start spiralling out of control, and it's time for Quiet Storm to show that she has something to say.

I loved athletics at school and I was also very shy, so although Storm's experiences are different to mine, I felt such a connection with her story. Storm is such a wonderful character and I really rooted for to find her own power, prove her worth and stick up for herself. Supporting characters are also vividly brought to life, Kimberly Whittam expertly capturing secondary school dynamics between pupils and teachers so realistically. The ending made me cheer and well-up; Storm's story a shining example of hope for readers who may feel the same as her and will revel in her triumphant change. 

I really enjoyed 'Quiet Storm' and I look forward to seeing what the hugely talented Kimberly Whittam will write next!

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