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'Hold your head up, sweet Sunshine, let no one steal your joy. You're a bright light in this universe, our very own Sunshine...'

Joyful, glorious, inspiring and tender, I absolutely adored 'My Name is Sunshine Simpson' by G.M.Linton. This wonderful middle-grade story explores how children can stand tall, proud and shine. It is also brilliantly inspired by the  parents and grandparents as part of the Windrush generation, particularly those who arrived in Britain from Jamaica, influencing future generations profoundly. 

Sunshine Simpson's larger-than-life Grandad is always telling her to get out and find her own adventures, but unfortunately BAD LUCK has a habit of coming her way. Her new friend Evie is fast becoming a FRENEMY, her home haircut is a DISASTER, and the school showcase is so STRESSFUL! Everything seems to be going wrong! Especially with Grandad getting older every week.

Sunshine needs to find her voice, but can she break through the clouds to stand tall, stand proud, and show the world she can shine?

G.M.Linton has created a dazzling, sparky character in Sunshine, whose voice sings from every page with wonder, worry and wisdom. Her trials and tribulations at school feel authentic and will resonate with many young readers. Yet, it's the tender relationship Sunshine has with her Granddad Bobby which forms the shining heart of the story. With Granddad's joyous wisdom and sense of humour, Sunshine learns about her Jamaican heritage and how to find her own voice too. And Granddad Bobby joins a roster of brilliant granddad/ male role-models gracing children's literature of late. If you enjoy the books of Jenny Pearson, Lisa Thompson or even Jacqueline Wilson then you will love G.M. Linton's writing too.


With a story to melt your heart, and bring light and life to your day, 'My Name is Sunshine Simpson' is one of my books of the year. Truly wonderful!

Thank you to Usborne for my proof copy to review. I can't wait to see the finished book with all its illustrations complete!

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