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What a blast! 'Lenny Lemmon and the Invinicible Rat' is a wickedly wild tail-whip of wacky fun. Written by Ben Davis, with cartoon-director's- eye illustrations by James Lancett, this is a fabulous new go-to series for young readers (aged 7-9) who need an alternative to wimpy kids and diary dorks. 

Lenny Lemmon is looking forward to Olden Days Day at school. He's even brought in his own contribution. Something special in a box. But when it escapes... chaos ensues. Can Lenny and his friends round up the rat before they get into any more trouble?

This is tremendous fun for young readers. With its fast-paced comedy, comic-book style text intrusions and dynamic cartoon illustrations, it's an accessible and engaging book for even the most reluctant readers. Lenny's first-person narration is chatty and ridiculous, but is also authentic as his perceptions of classroom antics will resonate with many young children looking for trouble - or remedying it! It's also a great book to talk about friendships and how they can blossom when you least expect it. There's something very Simpsons about it all - in the very best possible way! Great fun! Plus, I always find rats so funny. 

Move aside dorks and wimps, the Lemmon has arrived!

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