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I'm honoured to be included in the blog tour for Holly River's wonderful follow-up to 'The Boy in the Post'. 'The Sundae Delivery Service' continues the quirky charm in another classic-feeling adventure - this time involving jazz-loving cows, ice cream and a disastrous trip to Norway! This is a perfect summer read: endearing, eccentric and funny. There's something light and lovely about Holly River's writing, like deliciously refreshing ice cream. It harks back to a simpler world and it's impossible not to grin with glee when reading it.

When Dotty moves house, she's delighted to discover the post in her village is delivered by animals trained by local children. This means her family could have their entry into the prestigious Golden Udder ice cream awards delivered by cows! But training cows is the easy part! Dotty soon discovers that rival sundae-makers will do almost anything to take the prize . . .

It was great to be back with the Shalloo siblings and their marvellous Mailbox Menagerie. This sequel follows Orinthia's new found friendship with Dotty, whose family own the Two Scoops Creamery. They team up to train cows to deliver ice cream for the Golden Udder awards. It's such a fabulously ridiculous premise, but I couldn't help but be completely absorbed, chuckling away as the cows, Fosse and Falaise, are trained using jazz music to carry ice-creams (one on their heads) before being shipped off to Norway for the awards! As with 'The Boy in the Post', expect the unexpected, as the adventure is fraught with twists and turns and danger. Spoilers: there's mention of Demelza from the author's debut children's book 'Demelza and the Spectre Detectors'. Is there the potential of a cross-over or an expansion of Holly River's weird and wonderful world?


If, at their best, children's books are about escapism, then Holly Rivers offers escapist, old-fashioned-feeling, quirky and fun stories so different from anything else. Her stories are joyous and unpredictable, and children will love them.

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