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What a terrific series Sticky Pines is! Finishing the fourth and final book, I feel so sad to leave behind Lucy and Milo, and the rich array of characters that have entertained me so much since the 'Bigwoof Conspiracy'. You read my reviews of each book in the series by clicking on the covers below. Suffice to say, 'Wrath of the Blob' pulls everything together, raising the stakes to earth-shattering proportions with action, weirdness, humour and oodles of charm. 'X-Files' meets 'Strangers Things' for children? Sticky Pines is its own special thing - a series to treasure!


HOT DIGGITY DANGER. The world is in MEGA TROUBLE and only Lucy Sladan knows it. Her dear friend Milo is trapped in a mystifying mile-wide blob, his scheming father has kidnapped her extraordinary neighbours, and an ancient civilisation is hurtling across the galaxy to destroy all life on Earth. But not even an intergalactic invasion can keep Lucy from the mind-melting TRUTH that could save the human race.

For me, what makes the Sticky Pines series work so well is Dashe Robert's propulsive, humorous and character-driven writing. Throughout the series, the dialogue is always fun. Whatever happens in Sticky Pines has real-life consequences for every character. And everyone has a part to play. Not only that, but Roberts excels in deepening the mystery, while propelling the plot with enough weirdness to keep you hooked. I love the revelations and in 'The Wrath of the Blob' I really enjoyed the extra-terrestrial threat and their (amusing) assessment of humanity. If Douglas Adams was alive to write a children's book alongside the Duffer Brothers it might end up something like this!

A brilliantly weird and wonderful end to a really memorable series. I can't wait to see what Dashe Roberts does next!

Thank you to the author for the copies to review. 

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