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I absolutely adored 'My Name is Sunshine Simpson' and reading its sequel only strengthens that feeling. 'Sunshine Simpson Cooks Up a Storm' is a complete joy;  a story mixed with wit and wisdom baked with larger-than-life characters and the spice of life. Set in October, this is also a perfect book for Black History Month, with chapters interspersed with fact-files on notable Black figures. With Sunshine's distinctive, engaging voice, this is a series that deserves pride of place in every classroom. Wonderful!

Sunshine Simpson's life has never been so busy! She feels like she's on a roller-coaster. At school everyone is talking about preparing for the big move to scary secondary. Plus, there's a Charity Bake Sale to plan for. But with Sunshine's Dad travelling for work, Mum forgetting how to smile, a surprise family guest in the mix, and her BFFs and bake-sale classmate Riley clashing, Sunshine needs a daring plan to stop the storm clouds from settling! Will Sunshine's foolproof plan prove to be a piece of cake...or a recipe for disaster?

As a teacher, I find Sunshine's bubbly narration and her accounts of school life  authentic and fun. I really enjoy how G.M Linton has progressed the story from Year 5 to the expectations and worries of being in Year 6 with SATs and secondary school looming. Children will really connect with these aspects. However, it is Sunshine's family, her culture and heritage which really marks this out - as a mirror for some children and a window for others. How much I adore her family! I don't want to give anything away, but the arrival of another family member is fabulously fun and inspiring. If you think Auntie Sharon is a tour de force, then just you wait... With pitch perfect dialogue and unexpected surprises, G.M Linton really gets family dynamics, offering hope, love and wisdom in the chaos.

I can't wait to read more about Sunshine Simpson her family and friends. In bleak times, this is a series to brighten up everyone's day. I also think it would make for a terrific children's TV series!

Thank you to Usborne and Fritha Lindqvist for my copy to review.

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