Rubber Band 'Tricky World'

Out Now! £5 (money goes to charity).


Rubber Band was formed in 2003 by Anthony Charman and Chris Soul. Throughout the years musicians have come and gone, such is the nature of the elastic. From July to December 2014 Rubber Band recorded, mixed and mastered their new album 'Tricky World' along with new member Rosie Chillingworth and musicians Jenny Nickson, Thomas Jennings and Gemma Soul.




1) What Life May Hold

2) In My Greenhouse

3) It's Good to Be Bad

4) You

5) Crazy World

6) Blow Away *

7) Dream of Me Until Tomorrow

8) She's Out of My League

9) Merry Go Round

10) Hey Now

11) For Your Love

12) Pistols At Dawn

13) Jolene **

14) Joker's Clothes.


* Written by George Harrison

** Written by Dolly Parton

Rubber Band was formed by Anthony Charman and Chris Soul in 2003. Different band members have come and gone. We've played gigs in London and also the Cavern Club in Liverpool. Click the links for our remastered Collection.

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