'The Trees' is a story that started brilliantly. One day a forest appears out of no-where. Most people are killed, as trees impale them in their sleep. Unlikely hero, Adrian, survives and sets off on a journey with a diverse cast of characters. It's a bit like 'the Walking Dead' but with trees. There are truly horrific moments and more gore than I expected. I had perhaps hoped for something a bit more magical, or at least folklore-like. There are some elements of this, but Ali Shaw seems uncertain whether to tred the realist or fantastic path, resulting in an uneven plot and tone, at times.

It is clear Ali Shaw has an enormous imagination and shows great promise, but the further this story went on the more I felt things were getting lost. There's a sense Ali Shaw himself got a little lost in the woods, which is a shame considering the excellent concept and the opening events. 

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