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Guy Jones lives locally to me and this is really exciting because his book is such good fun! 'The Fire Maker' is hugely enjoyable and a real page-turner - it burns in your hands. It is also funny, surprising, imaginative and simply a blast. I'm so impressed with so many children's books at the moment. I can't help it: five stars again! 

Alex is entering a magic competition. His tricks are usually elaborate and entertaining, but still just tricks. This changes, though, when Alex accidentally stumbles into Mr Olmos's garden and sees something truly magical. Trouble is, real magic comes with real dangers...


To begin with, Guy Jones has the knack of writing deceptively simply, while conjuring a lot of emotional and imaginative resonance. This isn't easy. I really admire how Guy Jones keeps the reader hooked throughout. Chapters are short and dialogue is punchy. It is just so readable; a sleight of hand on the author's part. What I particularly enjoyed was the funny and almost unexpectedly tender relationship between Alex and Mr Olmos. I also felt very sorry for Alex very quickly. Again Guy Jones is able to capture a character's feelings and situation with a quick reveal from the narrative hat. The story packs a punch.

Simply put, this is such a rollicking good read. Humorous, adventurous and such great fun, 'The Fire Maker' will appeal to every child (young and old) who loves stories that are magic.