Richard Lambert

Inspirations for the Dreamers in 'Shadow Town'
Author of  'The Wolf Road' explains his inspirations for the Dreamers in his new book 'Shadow Town.'
My review of 'Shadow Town' is here.

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Charlotte Lo

Q & A
Author of the funny and uplifting 'We Won an Island' and 'We Made a Movie' kindly answers questions about her books, storytelling tips and the value of community. 
My review of 'We Made a Movie' is here.



Children's Publishing

From Messy Drafts to Published Books


Featuring... SF Said, Jasbinder Bilan, Elle McNicholls, Chris Vick, Tamsin Winter, Joseph Elliott,  Jenni Spangler, Lucy Strange, Fleur Hitchcock, Joan Haig, Tom Huddleston, Louie Stowell, Chrissie Sains, Penny Chrimes, Anna Hoghton, Anneliese Avery, Alex Cotter, Dan Smith, Sinead O'Hart, Joanne O'Connell, Clare Weze and many more!


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Joseph Elliott

Developing Voice


Author of the magnificent Shadow Skye trilogy explains how he created and developed unique narrative voices.

My review of 'The Broken Raven' is here.


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Amy Sparkes

Writing and



Author of the fabulously fun 'House at the Edge of Magic' explains how she managed to write the book while home-schooling 6 children - in 4 minute bursts!

My review of 'The House at the Edge of Magic' is here.



Ross Mackenzie

Writing Process


Author of the brilliant 'Evernight' and 'Feast of the Evernight' writes about his creative process.

My review of 'Feast of the Evernight' is here.



Chrissie Sains

Jam Factory Inspiration


Author of the hilariously fun 'An Alien in the Jam Factory' discusses the inspirations behind her writing.

My review of 'An Alien in the Jam Factory' is here.