Hooray! Hooray! What an enchanting, funny and truly fabulous book 'Starfell is! This feels original, fresh and the next best series every child will love. I want the tie-ins! I want a 'cuddly' Oswin toy, a lime green jacket and plants that remember what is forgotten. In fact, I want to live in Starfell, up in Nolin Sometimes' house in Wisperia. This is how much I adored 'Starfell'!

Last Tuesday has gone missing. That's right: a whole day has just disappeared, forgotten, in the magical world of Starfell. Only one unremarkable witch, Willow Moss, who has an ability to find lost things, can possibly find the lost day. She just might need some help along the way...

Dominique Valente has created a new and exciting world to rival the very best. Starfell already feels whole, fully realized, drenched in history, magic and intrigue. Somehow, and full credit to Valente, Starfell feels like the love-child of Terry Pratchett and Diane Wynne Jones. It doesn't take itself overly seriously, which makes it ever more engrossing. Willow Moss is a wonderful character and guide through Starfell. Her 'pet' Oswin, a sort of grumpy monster-cat, is probably one of the best sidekicks created in recent fiction. Oswin is hilarious (please can you release an Oswin teddy-  I know I am an 'adult', but I want one!) The group of friends Willow makes are equally wonderful, and remind me of those classic tales where the protagonist amasses a small army through acts of kindness and empathy. Throughout reading 'Starfell' I couldn't help but continually smile and occasionally laugh out loud, which is truly magic itself.

It is also worth mentioning Sarah Warburton's magnificent illustration, which really make the book even more enchanting. The cover is a real eye-catcher. The match of Warbuton and Valente is a spell that should last for years!

Reading blog interviews online I understand that Valente took a long time to get this published, and she wasn't afraid to make changes and hone it to perfection. This process has paid off because, well, the first book of Starfell is perfect magical escapism. Children are going to absolutely adore this. Well done Dominique Valente! 


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