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I thoroughly enjoyed this historical adventure fantasy by Ally Sherrick. 'The Buried Crown' has it all: magical objects, spitfires, villains, lovable heroes, exciting history and an adorable dog! This sits perfectly alongside low-fantasy classics, such as 'Elidor' by Alan Garner or 'The Dark Is Rising' by Susan Cooper; where realism, a strong sense of place and time, and the wonderfully fantastic combine to form a compelling read. 

It is the Second World War and George is an evacuee sent to the countryside to live with a horrible guardian. George's brother Charlie is stationed at the local airbase and is preparing to fight the Luftwaffe in a squadron of spitfires. But strange things are afoot. In a nearby burial ground a mysterious crown is unearthed which could have huge consequences for the course of the war.


This was such a unique and captivating story. From the opening pages where we meet Hitler to the heartwarming ending, I was gripped by its unusual and gripping plot. It is difficult to balance the fantastical, or imaginable, with the weight of history, but Ally Sherrick does this with aplomb and great excitement. With sub-plots about the Jews fleeing Germany, the tragedy of losing family and delightful historical cameos, 'The Buried Crown' is multi-layered and full of discussion points for both children and adults to explore. 

Writing my own children's book that combines the fantastic with the historical/ military I congratulate Ally Sherrick on expertly combining so many elements into a riveting and thought-provoking read. 


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