Christopher Edge is one of my favourite children's authors. From 'The Many Worlds of Albie Bright' to 'The Longest Night of Charlie Noon' he has written mind-bendingly brilliant stories to challenge and entertain. Out in February, 'Escape Room' is everything you would expect and more. From the opening chapters it's explosive, propulsive storytelling with a central mystery that leaves you guessing until the end. 

Ami enters The Escape, thinking its just a complex game, full of puzzles to solve. But the first room poses huge dangers - this no game. And when the Host demands her and her team to find the Answer, Ami realises that there is more at stake than completing a game...

'Escape Room' is like 'The Longest Night of Charlie Noon' injected with rocket fuel. Where Charlie was lost in woods filled with codes and memories, Ami is now stuck in escape rooms with puzzles and a shocking Answer to face. There is a huge amount of fun to be had as Ami desperately tries to escape a room filled with old computers, an impossible library, a Mayan tomb and more. But what is the purpose of any of it? Everything leads to a devastating truth for Ami and her team...


This is like a thrilling Doctor Who episode full of mystery, danger and mind-bending twists and turns. Please, Russell T Davis needs to hire Edge as part of the future of Doctor Who! He would be superb. Edge writes with such energy and a sense of mischief, it is so easy to be swept away in the adventure.

Fans of Christopher Edge will not be disappointed... Now who wants to set up a campaign to get Edge on Who?

Thank you to the marvellous Nosy Crow for my proof copy to review.