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So here's a book that's going to be a huge hit in 2022... 'Grandpa Frank's Great Big Bucket List' by Jenny Pearson is an absolute ray of sunshine: big hearted, big fun, big laughs; a complete delight!

Frank Davenport has moved again, he doesn't have many friends and his dad is still up to dodgy dealings, which is leaving mum in despair. Fortunately, or unfortunately, Frank inherits an enormous amount of money from a grandma he didn't even know he had. Nearly half a million pounds, in fact. However, the money comes with strict instructions. Frank is to use the money to look after long-lost and very grumpy Grandpa Frank. So Frank Junior creates a bucket list to bring joy to Grandpa's life again. Cue a hot air balloon flight, renting a dog, driving a monster truck and much more... What could possibly go wrong?

I laughed out loud so many times reading this utterly priceless story. Jenny Pearson has such witty turns of phrase and her ear for dialogue is spot-on. Young Frank Davenport's narration is full of charm and hilarity, bringing to life the set-pieces of the bucket list with a comedian's flair and a young boy's yearning innocence. Grandpa Frank is simply one of the best grumpy old men in children's fiction I have read. He's a real treasure: sarcastic, funny, bubbling, brave and ultimately a complete softy.


This is a book that has a great big heart. I adored its exploration of 'maleness' across the generations without it getting overly sentimental. Grandpa Frank, his son and grandson all learn to open up, forgive and grab life by the horns in endearing, poignant fashion. This is a children's book to put a huge smile on your face and leave a warm, fuzzy feeling in your tummy.

Already I can see this being a great big hit for 2022. And after the potential of a bleak winter, a book like this for Spring is going to an absolute must!

Thank you to Usborne and Fritha Lindqvist for my proof copy to review.

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