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I'm thrilled that this morning is my turn on 'The Great Fox Illusion' blog tour! I wouldn't normally use such a word in a review, but 'The Great Fox Illusion' is just so cool. My full review follows and if you click on the link then there's an exclusive Q&A with Justyn Edwards too.

Cool is just one word to describe Justyn Edward's debut. This awesome MG adventure is full of magic, tricks and twists, and it's an absolute, rapturous page-turner. Original, exciting and just plain fun; 'The Great Fox Illusion' is one of the best debuts in recent years and one that will thrill and delight young readers.


Thirteen-year-old Flick Lions has won a place on a new television show, in which young people compete to win the legacy of the Great Fox, one of the world's most famous magicians. But Flick isn't interested in uncovering the Great Fox's tired old magic tricks - she's after something much more important. The magician destroyed her family, and this is Flick's only chance to put things right. Inside the Fox's house is a secret that will change the world of magic for ever, and Flick will go to any lengths to find it.

Straight away, 'The Great Fox Illusion' plunges you into the action - beginning with the set-up of a TV show and a mysterious magician's mansion. Its hypnotic power doesn't let go from there. This is addictive reading. At its heart is Flick, who is smart, courageous but nonetheless vulnerable. Her disability (having a prosthetic leg) is written sensitively and authentically. But Flick's developing friendship with Charlie is the book's magic thread - we are completely rooting for them to win the competition and beat the other nasty contestants. 

Justyn Edward's fantastic plotting not only utterly engages but is also a delight to read as the children have to uncover how a series of tricks were done. It's fascinating. Yet, there's more to it. Everything is like a series of puzzles and young readers will be mesmerised by trying to piece the clues together. In fact, this is like an MG book written by Derren Brown - expect twists, turns and big reveals. By the end, you will be applauding. 

Congratulations Justyn Edwards! 'The Great Fox Illusion' is superb entertainment. 

Thank you to Walker Books for my copy to review.

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