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Shadow Man, Shadow Man, him come get you,

Shadow Man, Shadow Man, him come take you...

'The Haunting of Tyrese Walker' by J.P. Rose is a stunning achievement. Chilling and warm, full of terror and heart, I was completely engrossed. A fusion of Jamaican folklore scares with mental health themes, especially in terms of grief, this psychological horror for older children is both important and nail-biting. I loved it!

After a shocking event leaves Tyrese struggling with grief, he's taken to visit family in Jamaica. From the first night, strange things start happening: impossible visions, blackouts, swarms of insects, and the discovery of a grave hidden deep in the forest… Tyrese can't explain what's going on and he's scared that he's losing his grip on reality. Who can Tyrese trust when his own mind is falling apart and there's nowhere left to hide?

J.P. Rose's writing is brilliant. In 'The Haunting of Tyrese Walker' she manages to conjure unnerving build-ups of suspense and moments of pure horror alongside very intimate and sensitive reflections on the crippling power of grief. The heat and vibrancy of Jamaica prickles with cold panic.


I loved the immersion into Jamaican culture and language. Supporting characters are wonderfully evoked, fully rounded in their own right while offering windows into another culture's life and history. Tyrese himself makes for a wonderful protagonist who we really worry and root for. As someone who has experienced bouts of panic and anxiety myself, the depictions of Tyrese's panic attacks and depressive states really chimed with me.  The finale, where the mystery at the heart of the horror resolves alongside Tyrese's inner transformation was breathtakingly powerful - a fantastic example of how story, theme and character all resolve together. This is a raw, dark, uncomfortable read. But it is also full of heart, light and hope.  I really cannot recommend it enough.


Thank you to J.P Rose for sending me a copy. I'm so glad you did and I wish you all the success with it. 



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