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Out now, this is the second in the brilliant 'Alice Eclair: Spy Extraordinaire' series by Sarah Todd Taylor. Full of tension and dazzle, delights and danger, 'A Spoonful of Spying' is a delicious mix of fashion, cakes, aircraft and espionage. Off we follow Alice, the fabulous baker-spy, on a brave new mission at the Paris World Fair. (My review of the first in the series is here.)

Inventors and artists have gathered in Paris for the World Fair. All eyes are on the aeroplane exhibition – these incredible machines will take humanity to new heights! Alice suspects that some of these inventors are in terrible danger, but no one will believe her. Surrounded by enemy spies, Alice will need to use every trick in the recipe book if she’s to keep her friends safe and stop France’s greatest invention from falling into the wrong hands...

This series has so much going for it: a unique concept, a daring young spy and suspenseful writing that keeps you guessing. The concept of spying while baking, set against pre-Second World War Paris with tensions, secrets and plots mounting, is just genius! In 'A Spoonful of Spying' the suspense unfolds against the backdrop of the World Fair, amidst the glitz and glamour and technological advancements - an unusual setting but one that is engrossing and allows for all manner of delights and danger. I especially enjoyed the flights over Paris and the sense of adventure and hope for the future, even though we know that war is looming. Sarah Todd Taylor's attention to detail is dazzling: from the sequins on dresses to secrets written on notes to the slices of cake on offer. And keep your attention on the details!


Imagine a young Prue Leith spying for France before the Second World War and you're mostly there... A great series for fans of 'Murder Most Unladylike' and 'Adventures on Trains'!

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