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I'm a huge fan of Christopher Edge's children's books. 'Escape Room' was brilliant and his new MG thriller is just as good, if not better.  Out in March, 'The Black Hole Cinema Club' is a mind-bending thriller that flickers at the speed of light: a pacy, genre-jumping blockbuster. Imagine being sucked into the most dangerous and exhilarating moments of a Bond film or an Indiana Jones film, wondering how you got there. Christopher Edge is like a children's Christopher Nolan or a Charlie Brooker; directing you through the hi-tech, the strange and the wonderful with cinematic, storytelling propulsion.

When Lucas meets his friends at the local cinema - nicknamed 'The Black Hole' - they're excited about the movie marathon ahead. Non-stop action, blockbuster special effects and all the snacks they can eat. But as the lights go down, Lucas, Ash, Maya, Caitlin and Finn watch in disbelief as a jet-black tidal wave comes crashing out of the cinema screen and the five friends find themselves swept into an epic adventure...

Christopher Edge's stories are always driven by ingenious concepts. With 'The Black Hole Cinema Club' I can't see how lots of children won't be sucked in just like Lucas and his friends. Who doesn't want to enter their favourite films? I loved how in each film, Lucas and his friends share responsibility for being the central character with the stakes seemingly rising with each film they're plunged into. What may seem fun, is also frightening for Lucas. Is this simply a new interactive cinema experience or is something else going on? True to form, Christopher Edge delivers a knockout finale that is mind-shatteringly good. What I love about his stories is his daring to invert what you expect and push the narrative to its limits.


With 'The Black Hole Cinema Club' you'll close the book blinking, breathless, as if you've just watched the most exhilarating film ever. Bravo!

Thanks to the fabulous Nosy Crow for sending my proof copy to review.

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