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I love this book! Sometimes a non-fiction title comes along that absolutely stuns and presents information in a uniquely engaging way. 'Galápagos Islands: The World’s Living Laboratory' is a wonder of a book, brimming with vibrant, glorious life. Author Karen Romano Young takes us on an inspiring journey, chapter by chapter, across the Galápagos Islands, revelling ins its biodiversity, while providing hopeful and important messages for coming climate changes. The illustrations by Amy Grimes are simply magnificent, evoking the folk art of Tigua, Ecuador. Throughout, every page spread is bursting with colour and stunning details of nature and human's relationship with the islands.


I worked in an international school in Ecuador (for which the Galápagos Islands are a part) but I never got the chance to visit the islands. This book takes us on a voyage few of us could dream of making. The islands are special: a laboratory that reflects the fragile beauty of life on Earth. It makes for essential Key Stage Two reading, ticking many curriculum objectives, but, more importantly, dazzling and inspiring children.


Due to its narrative format, interspersed with facts, maps and profiles, this could make for a fabulous, different kind of Key Stage 2 Storytime book too. What a book from What on Earth Books!

Thank you for the copy to review for its blog tour.

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