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'DustRoad' is the spectacular, action-packed sequel to last year's 'FloodWorld'. If you enjoyed that then you'll love this!

After the climatic events in London, Joe and Kara are swept off to a barren and dangerous US, taking the fabled DustRoad with a brigade of ruthless outlaws. Led by the notorious Five, the people of the desert are preparing war against the technologically-advanced Mariners. Torn between the factions, can Joe and Kara engineer peace, before it is too late?

This is a really cinematic and pacy sci-fi thriller, and a sequel that pushes expectations further after the excellent 'FloodWorld,' It really appeals to that pre-teen boy in me who loved high-energy films; 'DustRoad' is like a mix of Mad Max, Waterworld, even a bit of Terminator-in-the-desert. There are lots of surprises on the way, mainly to do with the fantastic world-building. An appearance of Disney is very memorable, but other locations are rendered in HD vividness, creating a dramatic panorama of a dystopian America. Kids will love the action sequences and the sheer scope of this future world. Throw in an unusual villain, or villains - the Five - and you've got a really exciting read that reaches an adrenaline-fuelled finale. I loved the split-personalities of the Five and think this is a brilliantly unique way of showing the conflicts of morality in the bad guys. I can't wait to see how this will be developed even more in the third book, and where the story might venture next. What is Asia like? South America? There is a lot yet to explore, and Joe and Kara remain our likeable and dependable companions with a lot of grit and heart.

'DustRoad' is fun, thought-provoking and relentlessly exciting. If this appeals to you and you haven't read 'Floodworld' yet then maybe it's time to seek it out!