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In 2019 I have read more children's books (particularly MG) than anything else - more than at any other time of my life, probably. As a budding children's writer myself, looking forward to starting with the Golden Egg Academy in 2020, I have loved every single book I have read this year. This is truly a golden age for children's literature and thank goodness for that. How we need it! Both  for children and for adult children. There are exceptionally talented authors out there. There are books to escape into, books to cry over and books that feel so truthful and relevant they need to be sent to every school and read by every politician. While society and politics may seem overwhelming, horrendous and confusing, children's books continually offer us solace, and above all, hope.

I spent ages changing my mind about which books should appear on this list and the order they should appear in. There is not much between any of them and I'm sad not to include many more. Most on this Top 20 were included because the book stuck with me in some way or felt important or just delighted me in ways I couldn't quite articulate. What surprised me was how many historical fiction titles appeared here. I thought I was more into fantasy and adventure, but clearly from doing this I have discovered how moved and enthralled I have been by books about the past (which are ultimately about our world today)

So without further ado, here is my TOP 20!! Click on the books to read my review and send me a message with what you would put in your list. Well done to Nosy Crow for clearly being my favourite publisher of the year!!

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